Complementation of Airport Noise Maps with audio listening – Vitor Rosão, Ekim Bakirci, Ana Roque. Internoise 2020 (Seoul, Coreia do Sul). (Coimbra, Portugal).

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This work is limited to audio recordings of air traffic noise, although the principles can be used
for almost any noise source. Based on the Noise Map of a given Airport, different points of that
noise map are selected, and audio recordings are made in order to correspond to the air traffic
noise that will be perceived, outside, at these points. The recordings are reproduced in a room
and the respective loudness of the sound amplification is adjusted so that the sound levels in the
room correspond to the real sound levels outside at the point in question. These audio
recordings, associated with the noise perceived at certain points, and adjusted to the sound
levels that will be perceived outside at those points, can be given to listen to proponents,
evaluation authorities and / or the general public, thus allowing a better perception of the noise
“impacts” associated with a given project.


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