“Didactic and Sustainable Program for the Resolution of Acoustics Problems in Schools” – Vitor Rosão, Zélia Ramos. CEES 2021 (Coimbra, Portugal). (Coimbra, Portugal).

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It has been verified that there are, in Portugal, some Schools, Basic and Secondary, with different Acoustics problems. It is also
verified that Acoustics (Sound) is part, in Portugal, of the School program of Physics-Chemistry (8th grade) and Physics A (11st
grade). Thus, it was thought to develop, in a perspective of Social Responsibility of a company specialized in Acoustics, a P rogram
to incentive and support the Teachers of Physics-Chemistry and / or Teachers of Physics A, of Schools with Acoustics problems,
to obtain more skills in Acoustics and being able to assume the responsibility of executing – with the support of a company
specialized in Acoustics – the Program at the School, in order to, with the involvement of students and / or the school community:
1) characterize properly the school’s acoustics problem; 2) explain to students of Physics-Chemistry (8th grade) and / or Physics A
(11st grade), in detail proportional to their age and respective school program on Sound, which are the principles of acoustic
engineering involved in the acoustic characterization performed; 3) to develop a technical model for simulating the situation in
order to be able to define and scale the necessary acoustic correction solutions; 4) explain to the same students as i n previous
“2)” point, which are the principles of acoustics engineering involved in the acoustics simulation performed; 5) seek to find
sustainable “home-made” solutions and “home-made” ways to characterize their acoustics performances, which allow the school
community to be involved, and / or find people / companies, especially in the School area, who can sponsor the acquisition of
sustainable acoustics professional materials duly characterized, to be implemented in the School, to the extent necessary, wi th a
view to solving the acoustics problem; 6) involve, with due care and risk management, the school community in the solutions
implementation; 7) with involvement and explanation to the students, characterize, according to good acoustic engineering
practice, the results obtained after the implementation of the solutions.
The purpose of this paper is thus to expose the general principles of this Didactic and Sustainable Program for the Resolutio n of
Acoustics Problems in Schools in Portugal – Basic and/ or Secondary – as well as the exposition of some results already obtained
in an test case, which can thus serve as a guide to the cases that eventually come to apply to the Program and to be selected , as
the Program, for now, is open to applications once a year, and of these applications only one is selected for execution

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Vitor Rosão, Rui Leonardo, Pedro Santos. Euronoise 2021 (Funchal, Madeira, Portugal).


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